Main Hall





The main hall houses a variety of American Indian articles. The Sioux Indian articles have been developed into an interpretive display. Many articles have been collected from this area, including some belonging to Chief Red Cloud. In addition, there are articles from the Pueblo, Hopi, Maricopa, Tesque, Acoma and other tribes displayed, adding variety and depth to the Indian exhibit.



Museum offerings also include the priceless collection by Lady Evelyn Vestey. Momentos represent her early life as well as souvenirs of her time in England and her foreign travel. There is also a collection of items that Lady Vestey sent as Christmas gifts to the school children. The tourism committee has recently rekindled this tradition by presenting the second grade class with a Christmas gift in honor of Lady Vestey, provided by endowments from Lady Vestey's estate. On special occassions for groups, we ask a local historian, who portrays Lady Vestey, for an opportunity to relive history of this special woman.


The county jail is another interesting display. It serves as a bridge between the basic museum and Aurand Hall.




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