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One-Room Schoolhouse

Now nearly extinct as an educational institution, this one-room school, built in 1884, stands proudly on the museum grounds. It serves as a monument to the importance the prairie pioneer placed on educating their young. Many a rural student was provided eight years of "readin, riting, and rithmetic," in just such a building as the District 44 School (Beach School).

Complete with two outhouses and a coal house, this country school complex continues to house the occasional class of students who learn what schooling was really about, many years ago.

The museum offers a program to schools to have a teacher and students spend one day or a half day in the school. The museum will provide games and drinks, the teacher will bring school lessons with them. It is a special day that you spend with a student. Call the museum to schedule your time at the "Country Schoolhouse."



Log Cabin Home - Post Office

Superior's original building, a log cabin, was built by William Louden and several of his friends in 1872. The building served as a home, post office and trading post. As acting postmaster, Louden (paid $1 per month for his efforts) established "daily service," nearly unheard of in those days. It was built near the Republican River near what is now the southwest edge of the city limits.

In the 1950s, the cabin was moved to Lincoln Park. Recently it was moved to the Nuckolls County Museum. The building houses post office equipment from several of the county post offices which have been closed, and depicts the early pioneer lifestyle of carrying on many tasks under one roof. Moved to the museum in 1996, it has a large antique loom that is in working order, come try it! The museum is lucky to share this building of 1872 for you to enjoy.


Burlington Northern Railroad Caboose

This railway car holds some of the railroad items from the collection of Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Slaughter. The rest of the collection can be seen in the main museum. The collection was given by Eveline Slaughter, wife of Eugene, of York, Nebraska. Mr. & Mrs. Slaughter worked at the Santa Fe & Burlington Railroad depot in Superior, NE. They have made a nice collection of train mementos for you to enjoy.






Coming Soon - info on the newly added church to the Nuckolls County Museum Complex!




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